Full-stack web app

This project was part of the Capstone course. The client was a real Finnish startup company. We assembled a marketing and development team, resulting in a functional and user-friendly project and file management web application.
Vision and realisation The vision of our project centered on clearly defining its goals, objectives, and scope. We actively engaged key stakeholders, including businesses, customers, and potential users, gathering valuable feedback and insights through surveys to better understand their needs and expectations for the application.
Our primary objective was to bring to life the envisioned web application from the preceding phase. This involved designing the user interface, developing the backend infrastructure, and seamlessly integrating third-party services, particularly Azure. To accomplish this goal, we employed a combination of Django and React.
Summary of achievements
  • - Connection between front-end, back-end, and Azure Cloud
  • - Implementation of data models, which allowed us to store and manipulate data in a structured way
  • - Implementation of data serialization techniques, building well-designed API endpoints, effectively integrating Azure Cloud services into our project, and more
  • - The front-end incorporated best practices, including accessibility, clean-architecture, client-side and server-side state management, and SEO
  • - Through careful planning and implementation, we were able to ensure that data was effectively transmitted between all components and that the overall system functioned smoothly
Challenges We faced scheduling challenges due to overlapping classes with the Capstone course. Despite these time constraints, we successfully managed our workload by prioritizing tasks and utilizing time efficiently. Our proficiency in our degree program's core competencies played a significant role in shaping our approach to various tasks and decision-making processes throughout the project. For instance, our expertise in web development and database design allowed us to establish a robust foundation for the web app. Additionally, we identified areas where our knowledge was lacking and dedicated time to learning and researching to overcome these specific challenges.
Advice for students taking the Capstone course in the following years It is crucial to establish a comprehensive understanding of the project's goals, objectives, and scope prior to commencing any work. This clarity ensures alignment among team members and a shared commitment to the ultimate objective. Effective communication plays a pivotal role in project success, emphasizing the necessity of regular meetings and updates to keep everyone informed and on track. Being prepared to adapt and adjust plans as necessary is key to maintaining momentum and progress throughout the project.