Healthcare System Integration

I had the opportunity to dive into an exciting healthcare system integration project in collaboration with InterSystems and ATR Soft. The project took me through three distinct phases, each offering its own unique set of challenges and opportunities.
My role I led the coding because I had the most experience in programming.
Overview The project targeted towards systems integrations in the healthcare industry. The platform chosen was InterSystems IRIS for Health, which is a widely used integration platform. Designing integrations visually and with the proprietary ObjectScript programming language is supported by the platform.​
Phases The project consisted of a course and two separate stages.
During the first stage, I immersed myself in implementing the front-end for ATR Soft's underlying back-end. This stage provided an opportunity for creativity to flourish as I skillfully crafted a user interface using React and TailwindCSS, seamlessly complementing the background system created by ATR Soft.
Stage 2 and what I learnt The main scope involved working with the IRIS for Health management portal and constructing an integration application using components such as BPL, DTL, ObjectScript, and Router. I also did HL7 message transformations and statistical data gathering​.
Here I am doing basic routing rules for the HL7 messages: Routing rules The statistical data was stored into the permanent storage in IRIS. Gathered patient data had to be anonymous. Here is a picture from the development phase, showcasing the utilization of test patient information in the SmartHL7 Message Viewer desktop application: SmartHL7 Message Viewer I programmed a lot with ObjectScript. Here is just one of the pictures: Coding with ObjectScript In addition to the above, I also learnt:
Concluding thoughts Overall, this project not only expanded my technical expertise but also provided an opportunity to showcase my abilities in creative and innovative work. This is just one example of my journey.
You can read more about the project on ATR Soft's blog. It is written in Finnish.